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Beaumont Ministries


Adventurers Club (Age 4-10)Coordinators: Byron & Yoselyn Torres
Check bulletin for scheduled meetings. 

Pathfinders Club (Age 10-16)Coordinators: Eric & Maggie Soto
Check bulletin for scheduled meetings. 




    Community Sabbath: Coordinator: Gloria Harder
    We go out every second Sabbath and hand out lunches, hygiene boxes and Bible studies to the homeless in our community. We also pray with them which is a special blessing for all.

    Prison Ministry: Coordinator: Marcus Roland
    Every Sabbath from 1:30- 3:30 pm at the Federal  Low Correctional Complex. We have Bible study and worship with the inmates.

    Personal Bible Studies:  Coordinator: Johnny Barnett
    We have many personal Bible studies in progress.  Get involved in either delivery, pickup or grading of Bible studies.  Or studying with students.

    Sports Ministries: Coordinator: Jordan Nash
    Meets once a month for soccer, basketball, games, food and more.

    Family Ministry: Coordinators: Jackie and Jordan Nast - Activities every other months for the  Family along with Informational Seminars for the Spiritual Well Being of the Family.  



    Women’s Ministry: Coordinator: Joannette Barnette
    Meets third Sunday of every month.  

    Men's Ministry: Coordinator: Tony Estudo
    Meets second Sunday of every month.