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10-17-2020 Earthen's Vessels Pastor Steve Im

10-03-2020 "What's In A Name?" The Spiritual Relevance of the names of God  Pastor Steve Im



09-26-2020 As They Were Going  Pastor Steve Im
09-19-2020 What Should I Do  Pastor David Runnels
09-12-2020 What Kind Influencer Are You? Keith Kilbourn
09-05-2020 Youth Drive In - Church Is Here LJ



08-22-2020 Between the Mountain and the Sea  Pastor Steve Im

08-15-2020 Just Eating the Buns  Pastor Steve Im

08-08-2020  Brace for Impact  Dawn Pike

08-01-2020 Conformed or Transformed Pastor Steve Im

07-25-2020 Filling In The Missing Pieces Pastor Steve Im     
07-18-2020 - Obedience or Legalism - Johnny Barnett
07-11-2020 In Hot Water Marus Roland
07-04-2020 Our Work Is Not In Vain Pastor Steve Im



06-27-2020 Giving Sacrificially Pastor Steve Im
06-20-2020 Pandemic Christianity (Part 5) How will it end. Pastor Steve Im
Jun06-13-2020  Pandemic Christianity (Part 4) Why Does a Good God Let Bad Things Happen Pastor Steve Im

06,06,2020Pandemic Christianity (Part3) How Long Pastor Steve Im


05-30-2020 Pandemic Christianity Part 2 Pastor Steve Im
05-23-20 Pandemic Christianity Part 1: Contagious
05-16-2020 Just Walk  Pastor Steve Im
05-09-2020  No Turning Back  Dawn Pike
05-02-2020 My Prayer  Marcus Roland


04-25-20 Hell...Who Is It For, Where Will It Be, How Long Will It Last   Johnny Barnett

04-18-20  Bitter Sweet  Marcus Roland


03.14.2019 Then, Now, and Finally Then Marcus Roland

03.07.2020 Occupy 'till I Come Pastor Tony D. Zeman

02.29.2020 When Faith Fails LJ Ifield
02.22.2020 The State Of The Dead Johnny Barnett
02.15.2020 A Secret Place Dawn Pike
02.08.2020 Fishers of Men Keith Kilbourn
02.01.2020 Outcasts From Guttermost to The Uttermost Suresh Indupalli

01.25.2020 What to do when trouble comes  Oludayo Kehinde

01.18.2020  God's Promises Have Power Dr. Rao

01.11.2020  FAITHFULNESS TO GOD PT.2 The Seal, The Return, The Time Marcus Roland

01.04.2020  Faithfulness To God Pt.1 Obedience And Surrender  Marcus Roland



12.28.2019 Practical Ministery Johnny Henderson 

12.21.2019  Attraction to Distraction. Jordan Nast

2019 Christmas Musicale

12.14.2019  The Right Order   Marcus Roland

12.07.2019  Living On The Edge Johnny Barnett


11-30-19-2019 Sitting on Our Hands Keith Kilbourn

11.23.2019 In Eternal Remembrance  Marcus Roland

11.09.2019 7th International Heritage Sabbath

11-02-2019 You Are Simon Marcus Roland


10.26.2019 For Better or For Worse  Perry Arante

10.19.2019 Parenting  Daniel Perez

10.12.2019 Garnished But Empty  Dawn Pike

10-05-2019 Trent Larson 10-5-2019 sermon 


09.28.2019  The Fundamentals Dyilin, Gavin, Zack

09.21.2019  In His Time  Ashish Mesepam


09.14.2019  Anchored To His Wing  Oludayo Kehinde

09.07.2019. Let's Be Friends  Marcus Roland


09.07.2019. Let's Be Friends  Marcus Roland

08.31.2019 A Special Calling Elder Marcus Roland

08-24-2019 Divine Worship Jordan Nast The Gift We Should Be Giving

08-17-2019 The Easy Way Out Keith Kilbourm

e Expert Johnny Barnett

08.03.2019 The Gift Nobody Wants  Pastor Steve Jencks

07.27.2019.  Andrew Jackson
07.20.2019  A Disguised Walk With Jesus  Johnny Barnett
07.13.2019 Everyday Christian Suresh Indupalli
07.06.2019. What Fruit Do We Offer? Johnny Barnett



06.29.2019  Sermon1  Is Grace Sufficient  Brother Gavin Myers.   Sermon 2  So What Now?  Brother L J Ifield 

    06.22.2019 Ashish Mesepam  Peacemakers? Peacemakers!
06.15.2019 To Give Or Not To Give, That Is The Question! Elder Marcus Roland
06.08.2019  A Simple Case Of Stolen Identity Or Mistaken Identity Brother Stanley Lira
06.01.2019 The Road Less Traveled  Elder Marcus Roland

05.25.2019 TheBest Is Yet To Come Pt.2 Operation- Homeward Bound  Marcus Roland

05.18.2019  God Things Brother Mike Orcutt

05.11.2019 Instructions Included -God Dawn Pike

05.04.2019 The Best Is Yet To Come  Pastor Luccas Rodor



    04-27-19 Completely Clean  Pastor Luccas Rodor

04.20.2019 The Three Gardens Pastor Luccas Rodor

04.13.2019  Pro Life  Keith Kilbourn

04.06.2019 The Gospel inside the Gospel  Pastor Luccas Rodor




03.30.2019 The Covenant Pastor Luccas Rodor

03.23.2018 The Absurd Things Of God Pastor Luccas Rodor

03.16.2019 Facing Giants Dyilin Pitts

03.09.2019 Elder Dr. Ashish Mesepam Remnant Theology

03.02.2019 Pastor Luccas Rodor Leah's Lament 




02.23.2019 Pastor Luccas Rodor Seal of God and The Mark Of the beast

02.16.2019 Pastor Luccas Rodor Laodicea, we have a problem

02.09.2019 Johnny Barnett Doctrine or Tradition

02.02.2019 Pastor Luccas Rodor Servant of Servants 


01.26.2019 Perry Arante His Rx - 1/26/19, 1.18 PM

01.19.2019 Pastor Luccas Rodor Blinded by Sight

01.12.2019 Pastor Luccas Rodor  Revelation 101

12.29.2018 Pastor Luccas Rodor When God Doesn't Make Sense

12.22.2018 Pastor Luccas Rodor The Meaning Of Christmas

      12.15.18 Pastor Luccas Rodor The Incomparable Jesus Christ

12.08.2018 Jordan Nast. The Enemy Within

12.01.2018 Marcus Roland  When Is It Enough?


     11.24.2918  Pastor Luccas Rodor. In Everything, Give Thanks

11.10.2018 Johnny Barnett. God's Soldiers

11.17.2018  ENDURE -Keith Kilbourn

11.03.2018 Pastor Amin Rodor   Who Is The Greatest?


10.27.2018 Craig Zoch Balm Of Gilead

10.20.2018 Pastor Luccas Rodor. In Spirit and in Truth

10.13.18 Gloria Harder The Church Left The Building

10-06-2018 Pastor Luccas Rodor We cannot change the beginning...but we can change the ending!



09.29.2018 Nena Garcia  Pathfinders

09-22-2018 Ashish Mesepam  Build Bridges, Not Walls

09-15-2018 Pastor Luccas Rodor  The Mind Of Christ

09-8-2018 Pr. Luccas Rodor  The Absurd Things of God

09-01-2018 Pastor Luccas Rodor The Midnight Rabbi



08-25-2018 Johnny Barnett  God's Will Or Our Will Be Done

08.18.2018 Pastor Luccas Rodor  The Face Of Christ

08.11.18 Pastor Luccas Rodor - The Turning Point

08.04.18 Pastor Luccas Rodor - Remember Lot's Wife 


JULY 2018

07.28.18 Pastor Steve Jenck - Fallen and Forgiven

07.21.18 Pastor Luccas Rodor - The Armor of God

07.14.18 Pastor Luccas Rodor - For Theirs is the Kingdom

07.07.18 Pastor Luccas Rodor - What No Eye Has Seen


JUNE 2018

06.30.18 Leonard Ifield, Jr. - What Do I Know
(We apologize that 20 minutes of the middle of the sermon is missing.)

06.23.18 Elder Marcus Roland - Are You There?

06.16.18 Pastor Luccas Rodor - No Eye Has Seen

06.09.18 Pastor Luccas Rodor - Teach the Child

06.02.18 Pastor Luccas Rodor - Do I Love God?


MAY 2018

05.26.18 Pastor Luccas Rodor - Fatal Attraction

05.19.18 Elder Dr. Ashish Mesepam - Faith or Sight

05.12.18 Dr. Murrell Tull with AWR - A Way of Life

05.05.18 Pastor Luccas Rodor - Share to Survive


APRIL 2018

04.29.18 Pastor Luccas Rodor - Hanging Up Our Harps

04.21.18 Pastor Luccas Rodor - Letters Before the Lord

04.14.18 Johnny Barnett - Looking Up or Looking Forward
04.07.18 Pastor Luccas Rodor - By the Blood of the Lamb


MARCH 2018

03.31.18 Michael Orcutt - Horseshoes & Hand Grenades 

03.24.18 Pastor Luccor - Who Are the Christians?

03.17.18 Youth Group - Mock Trial

03.03.18 Benji Leach - Favorite Son


02.24.18 Johnny Barnett - A Disguised Walk with Jesus 

02.17.18 Elder Marcus Roland - Drinking from My Saucer

02.10.18 Elder Marcus Roland - A Love Story

02.03.18 Elder Marcus Roland - The Elijah Prophecy



01.27.18 Johnny Barnett - Holy Spirit: Not It but He

01.20.18 Michael Orcutt - It's Time

01.13.18 Nic at Night - Pastor Steve Jenck 

01.06.18 Johnny Henderson - One Fold, One Message, One Shepherd